"Los hombres siempre estan haciendo dos cosas al mismo tiempo:

actuar egoístamente y hablar moralmente."


"People always do two things at once: act selfishly and talk morally."


Quoted here in Spanish in a Bolivian short video as "Quote of the Day". It is a variation of one of Brunner's sentences from his work "Reign of Arrogance": "[D]iese zwei Dinge liegen ja dem Menschen ob: egoistisch zu handeln und moralisch dazu zu reden; es gibt gar keinen Egoismus ohne Begleitmusik der Moral."


Franziska Krah: »Ein Ungeheur, das wenigstens theoretisch besiegt sein muß« Pioniere der Antisemitismusforschung in Deutschland. (= "A monster that must be defeated, at least in theory" Pioneers of Anti-Semitism Research in Germany.) Online lecture as part of the accompanying program of the interdisciplinary research network on "Antisemitismuserfahrung in der Dritten Generation. Zur Reaktualisierung extremen Traumas bei Nachkommen von Überlebenden der Shoah". During the lecture, Krah will also introduce Constantin Brunner as one of those pioneers of anti-Semitism research. The lecture was held at the Siegmund Freud Institute (SFI) on March 9, 2023.

This previously unpublished interview with the renowned violin virtuoso Yehudi Menuhin (1916-1999) about the philosopher Constantin Brunner was conducted in London in 1994 and digitized for the first time by our Foundation in 2018.

Our latest video digitization: Hans Raphael Goetz (1921-2013) was a Danish musician and philosopher of German and specifically German-Jewish origin. His father was the secretary general of the "Association for Liberal Judaism in Germany" and editor-in-chief of the Jewish Liberal newspaper George Goetz (1892-1968), who once fled to Denmark from the Nazis. After the death of George Goetz, who had been friends with Constantin Brunner, his son Hans also became active in the International Constantin Brunner Institute (ICBI) and was its chairman from 1992 to 2006. This interview, digitized and made public for the first time, dates from this period, in which Goetz talks about his family and its relationship to Brunner, as well as about Brunner's philosophy and political theory. Goetz also addresses the various Brunner discussion groups such as the "Czernowitzer Kreis".

In this video, Brunner's last study from his exile in The Hague can be seen. The previously unpublished footage dates from the 1990s and was re-edited by us in 2019. The room, which was untouched for a long time, was later dissolved and most of the objects and books were given to the Leo Baeck Institute in Berlin.