"What you think wrong,

you have to live wrong."

"The rights are equal,

because people are unequal."

"I am for many times

or for individuals

of many coming times."

Constantin Brunner   (1862-1937)

Cross-Thinker, Wisdom Teacher and Visionary

  • Rebel against academic school philosophy
  • Representative of a modern philosophy of unity, which overcomes the contrast between mind and matter
  • Critic of anti-Semitism
  • Fighter for the rule of law and freedom of the citizen

Voices about Brunner


"It comforts me that you are there. The time seems to be habitable again."

Walther Rathenau


"Here, finally, is one who stretches his arms far over the world."

Gustav Landauer


"It is a pleasure for me to confirm my worship for the great thinker Constantin Brunner."

Max Horkheimer


"Here it is again, the deep true humanity."

Yehudi Menuhin



Annual General Meeting 2017 of the two Brunner Foundations on the 13th / 14th of May 2017 in the Netherlands.

More info by Jürgen Stenzel: stenzel@constantinbrunner.net


On the 20th of September, Robert Zimmer will hold a lecture titled "Constantin Brunner - the Forgotten Enlightener" in the Society for Critical Philosophy in Nuremberg (see link )

Remarks on Brunner (blog)

Have a look at the philosopher Robert Zimmer's blog, where he puts down notes and thoughts on Brunner, his life and his works on an irregular basis:


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